Ali:The Greatest exhibition closes this Saturday, Jan 28

Last chance to see Ali: The Greatest

Closing reception for fine art tribute to Muhammad Ali’s 70th birthday is Saturday, January 28, 3012

Sacramento, CA — Muhammad Ali is one of the most recognized names in the world. His boxing career is only superseded by his passion, humanitarianism and bigger than life personality. George Lois, one of advertising’s most famous art directors and cultural provocateurs, recently stated, “From a narcissistic self-promoter who eventually became a man of enduring spirituality through a journey of formidable tests, Ali emerged as a true superhero in the annals of American history and a worldwide ambassador of courage and conviction.”

Evolve the Gallery wraps up their Ali: The Greatest exhibition on Saturday, January 28th. The exhibition provides a glimpse of what it is that captivates so many about this world-renowned man; each image carrying its own story or historic moment. The curated works are as diverse and unique as the individuals who say Muhammad Ali has impacted their lives in some way; including a very meticulously detailed work by Lisa Alonzo. Her grandfather was a sports writer for the Los Angeles Times for over 30 years and become very close with Ali. There are works created with ballpoint pen, charcoal, palette knife, watercolor, acrylic, digital painting, spray paint, gold leaf, reclaimed colored cardboard and even broken LP’s. All but three of the works were created specifically for the exhibition. Selected artists were all too thrilled to participate and honor Ali in a manner fit for a king.

The gallery plans to travel the exhibition to Las Vegas, the Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, Florida and the Muhammad Ali Center in Kentucky. A limited edition poster and commemorative catalog are available for purchase.

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