Boxing Has Ali, Wrestling Has Hulk Hogan, And MMA Has Tito Ortiz

By Chris Howie

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

Tito Ortiz will retire from MMA this summer after he faces Forrest Griffin at UFC 148 on July 7th. Ortiz has been a fixture of the MMA scene dating back to the late 90's and talked about his place in the sport and his relationship with fans in an interview this week:

“There's a few people that don't give me the respect that I deserve, but there are a lot of fans that give me a lot of respect, you know? Of course the people that follow me on Twitter, and you just hear the way they talk about me. I'm a legend, I'm an icon of the sport. You know, boxing had Muhammad Ali, professional wrestling had Hulk Hogan and mixed martial arts has Tito Ortiz.”

What do you think? Does Tito compare to the likes of Ali or Hogan?

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