Is Devin Haney in Too Deep?

By: Shane Willoughby

Devin Haney is seen by many as arguably the biggest talents in the sports of boxing and many even say he could be the one to replace Floyd Mayweather.

Now he is signed with DAZN he has definitely secured his future financially, being one of the youngest fighters in history to sign a multi-dollar contract.

Is Devin Haney in Too Deep?

However, the hot prospect has to perform in the ring and now has his hardest test in front of him. The 20-year-old will be taking on undefeated Zaur Abdullaev in a WBC final eliminator.

Now, to most people, that name won’t mean much right now, but it will on the 13th September when he meets Haney.

Abdullaev is definitely one of the dark horses in what is a stacked lightweight division. The Russian is 11-0 with 7 knockouts and has a convincing points victory over veteran Hank Lundy.

Not only is Abdullaev undefeated but he is extremely big for the weight and will have a massive weight advantage in the fight. If there is one thing for certain, Haney will not be able to get onto the front foot and back him up.

After this fight one thing, we will know for certain is whether Haney is the real deal or just another pumped up hype job. Haney definitely has high aspirations – already looking to fight Lomachenko who is the WBC champion. However, he has a tough fighter in front of him and overlooking him can be extremely detrimental to his career.

Devin Haney recently signed a deal with Eddie Hearn and one thing Hearn isn’t afraid of is putting his prospects in deep water. But maybe he put the American in too deep.

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