Michael Hunter Destroys Mike Wilson

By: LV Boxing

Michael Hunter Destroys Mike Wilson

Michael Hunter has long craved to face some of the best in the heavyweight division. While he didn’t get exactly what he was hoping for, as he took on journeymen Mike Wilson, Hunter moved one step closer to a bigger contest.

As New York City has begun to open its doors, Hunter vs. Wilson was the first official event with a crowd in attendance. Now, with a live audience at his disposal, Hunter left a lasting memory.

As the opening bell rung, Hunter took the center of the ring. He pushed out a strong jab that found a home on numerous occasions. Wilson though, to his credit, didn’t back down. The California native stood his ground and traded big-time shots with his former amateur rival. While the results forced the crowd to its feet, it was only a matter of time until Wilson was off his.

In just four rounds, Wilson appeared to be in bad shape. The career journeymen’s face began pouring with blood and it only got worst. With a chance to close the show, Hunter took full advantage of his man. As both Wilson and Hunter began trading once again, Hunter ducked low, cocked back his right hand and landed it. The force of the blow instantly sent Wilson to the deck. And while he managed to make it back to his feet, referee Ricky Gonzalez called a halt to their contest.

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