Rashad Evans On Why He Feels Jon Jones Came To Jackson's MMA

By Chris Howie

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

The UFC 145 conference call took place late last week and featured Rashad Evans and Jon Jones speaking about their upcoming Light Heavyweight Title fight on April 21st.

As story goes, Jones and Evans were team mates at Greg Jackson's MMA in New Mexico, Jones became Champion while Evans was injured and split the team in the process as both were top fighters in the 205lbs class.

During the call, Evans offered his thoughts on why Jones joined the gym in the first place:

“It's really about what was said before, and about how Jon really, really feels. Jon always wanted to fight me. He never wanted to be teammates and like brothers. Jon came on the team so he could learn the way to beat me.”

It's down to the final days before the fight, who do you think will win at UFC 145?

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