“Solo Boxeo” Boxing Results: Magdaleno Brothers and Falaco Score Predictable Wins

“Solo Boxeo” Boxing Results: Magdaleno Brothers and Falaco Score Predictable Wins

By: Sergio L. Martinez

From Hawaiian Gardens, California U.S.A., and televised live on the “Solo Boxeo” fight series, boxing giant Top Rank promoted a fight card featuring several of the outfit’s promising pugilists. The televised fights showcased popular sibling duo Diego and Jesse Magdaleno. Also in action was 2012 Brazilian Olympian Esquivia Falaco making his professional debut.

“Solo Boxeo” Boxing Results: Magdaleno Brothers and Falaco Score Predictable Wins

Photo : Chris Farina – Top Rank

The opening television bout saw 2012 Brazilian Olympic silver medalist Esquiva Falaco take on Joshua Robertson (5-4 with 1 KO). The fight was scheduled for six rounds. Falaco, a southpaw, seemed to be a ball of nerves in the first two rounds as he stiffly moved around the ring and was tentative, only fighting in spurts. In the third, the Brazilian came out and began to really sit on his punching, landing at will with vicious body shots. Robertson was game but it was clear that he lacked the firepower to be a real threat. Falaco continued his assault in the fourth and Robertson’s face began to show the signs of damage. After a barrage of punches, referee Jerry Cantu felt he had seen enough and called a halt to the fight at two minutes, 35 seconds into the fourth round awarding the former Olympian his first professional victory. Falaco has the pedigree to succeed but only time will tell if he can live up to the expectations.

The main event of the evening showcased Las Vegas native and world-rated super featherweight contender Diego Magdaleno (24-1-0 with 9 KOs). Magdaleno, one bout removed from his failed attempt at a world title, took on Mexican opponent, Jorge Pazos (14-6-1 with 8 KOs). The contest was slated for 10 rounds.

The opening stanza was a tense affair as Magdaleno, a left-handed boxer, slowly stocked Pazos, landing flurries in spots. Pazos fired sporadically and had some success with a few body shots but was clearly outworked: Pazos came out swinging wide shots in the second round, shooting his punches from a distance, making it easy for the Las Vegas native to duck under the haymakers. Magdaleno patiently moved around and took control of the round late; often cornering the Mexican and landing solid combinations. With less than a minute left in the third round, Magdaleno unleashed a vicious left-right combination that found the target and sent Pazos down for the count. The Mexican was able to rise and survived to hear the bell.

Magdaleno came out looking to end it in the fourth, plotting forward and recklessly letting his hands go hoping to deposit Pazos back onto the canvas. Pazos attempted to survive by moving around. Magdaleno was able to successfully cutoff the ring and landed vicious body shots that forced the Mexican to take a knee. Referee Jack Reiss reached the count of ten, awarding the Las Vegas native his 25th victory, his 10th via knockout. It was a foreseeable win for Magdaleno as he continues his comeback and looks to secure another shot at a world title.

Also on the televised portion of the card, Diego’s younger brother, Jessie Magdaleno (17-0 with 13 KOs), took on Mexican veteran Roberto Castaneda (20-5-1 with 15 KOs). The featherweight bout was scheduled for eight rounds. Magdaleno, a natural right-hander that fights from a southpaw stance, came out aggressively, firing hard shots that stunned his Mexican foe. In the second, Jessie continued his assault as he consistently raked Castaneda with straight left-hand power shots. The Mexican attempted to turn the tide by frantically attacking but this ploy would prove to be a mistake: Magdaleno was able to land in between Castaneda’s assaults, sending him to the canvas. The Mexican beat the count but continued his senseless attack, leading to another knockdown.

As the fight progressed, Castaneda was able to do some damage to the body and did have his moments in both rounds three and four. Still, Magdaleno landed some heavy artillery of his own and for the most part, outworked the Mexican trial horse.

With less than one minute left in the fifth, Castaneda sold-out as he ferociously attacked Magdaleno’s

body, landing thudding blows. The Las Vegas native was game, took the shots well and fired hard bombs in return. Magdaleno’s right hook would be the difference as Castaneda got caught and was sent to the canvas. Jack Reiss stopped the bout at two minutes and forty-eight seconds of the fifth. It was an exciting win for the younger Magdaleno as he continues his quest to challenge for a world title.

Overall, the night was predictable but nonetheless. Top Rank was able to get their Olympic medalist off to a good start and to continue the success of the Magdaleno brothers. All said and done, the night belonged to young Jessie Magdaleno. Although it was predicted he was going to win, the younger Magdaleno is all action and can bang with both hands. With his popularity growing, boxing fans are sure to see more of Jessie Magdaleno in the near future.

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