USA Overtakes Argentina with Most Events in 2016!

USA Overtakes Argentina with Most Events in 2016!

By: Ken Hissner

The South American country of Argentina may not have major bouts like the USA but they have had the most for years. In 2015 they had 670 events to the USA’s 617. In 2016 the USA was the most active with 622 events while Argentina fell off to only 615 events.

The country south of the border Mexico increased from 475 events to 584 events to place third in the world. The United Kingdom increased from 257 events to 274 events. Italy lead Europe with 217 events just over the 207 they did in the previous year. The country of Japan went from 211 events to 209 placing sixth.

Other European countries over 100 events were Spain with 177, Germany 170, Hungary 132. The Philippines also had 132 events. Australia had 108 events and other countries that were under 100 are led by Russia with 99. Thailand had 97, Brazil 81, South Africa 73 and both New Zealand and Canada with 52 events.

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