Jake Paul On Tyron Woodley Showdown: “I Saw A Man Who Accepted A Fight Mostly For A Paycheck”

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Jake Paul On Tyron Woodley Showdown: “I Saw A Man Who Accepted A Fight Mostly For A Paycheck”

Tyron Woodley has accomplished plenty in his mixed martial arts career.

At one point, he was considered the best UFC welterweight in the world and one of the best fighters around. However, at the age of 39 and riding a four-fight losing streak, the end of his career appears to be near.

Still, despite his advanced age and unfortunate luck in the octagon recently, Woodley has expressed an enormous amount of hubris as he prepares for his boxing showdown against Jake Paul on August 29th. But while Woodley believes he’s going to take Paul out in devastating fashion, Paul simply shakes his head as he’s firmly of the belief that Woodley is only in this to fatten his bank account.

“I saw a man who accepted a fight mostly for a paycheck,” said Paul during a press conference earlier today. “I saw a man who doesn’t really have fight left in him. I saw a man who’s been defeated multiple times now and who will be finished and sent into retirement by a YouTube Disney star boxer.”

Jake Paul address #PaulWoodley (with a robot) pic.twitter.com/W0GF937Z5L

— Boxing Insider.com (@BoxingInsider) July 13, 2021

While Paul has, in fact, built his name through several Disney television series and his social media presence, he has turned into a more than capable boxer. Under the tutelage of BJ Flores, Paul has raced out to a 3-0 start to his career, albeit against inexperienced competition.

After making quick work of fellow social media star Ali Eson Gib and former NBA player Nate Robinson, Paul picked up the biggest win of his career, stopping former MMA star and close friend of Woodley in Ben Askren.

To prepare for what Paul brings to the table, Woodley has been spotted with newly inducted Hall of Famer, Floyd Mayweather. Due to those lessons, Woodley is unbelievably confident that come August 29th, Paul will have the worst night of his professional life.

“He (Floyd Mayweather) showed me stuff not specifically to defeat Jake but to be a world-class boxer in general. Technique’s, positions, placements, hand positions, movements. Everything I throw is going to hurt.”

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